Susan Vitale, Veteran for City Council

The Issues

Integrity first.
Intregrity always.

First and foremost, service to others means setting aside self-interest.

Military tradition says officers always eat after the men and women they lead, and that’s not a bad lesson for life to always keep in mind.

Some learn that lesson, while others ignore it.

And when folks take the easy way out without asking tough questions, it doesn’t take much for people to take notice and ask why.

A veteran who started her career in the ROTC and rose to become a Navy captain whose specialty was intelligence, Susan Vitale dedicated herself to serve America and keep us safe.

As a Chesapeake city councilwoman, she’s doing the same for us by asking hard questions.  By standing on principle.  By caring about those less fortunate.  And voting not to please others, but to do the right thing.

It’s called leadership.  And why Susan Vitale deserves our vote November 8.

Dollars and sense.

Let’s be honest.  Uncertain economic times are at our doorsteps, and nobody can predict the future.  

That’s why Susan Vitale moved to increase the property tax abatement cap for senior citizens, many of whom have few resources on which to fall back. 

To some, it may seem like a small thing, but for those who’ve worked hard and played by the rules, it will matter.

Likewise, Susan Vitale fought to create a property tax credit for everyone and supported reducing assessments on personal property.   

And no, they’re not tax cuts. . .  but they’re exactly the same.  Importantly, these kinds of sound approaches will keep our financial house in order.

Because at the end of the day, Susan Vitale knows it’s not her money. . . it’s yours.  

And being smart and conservative about how we keep Chesapeake safe and sound matters.

November 8, let’s elect a leader.

November 8, let’s elect Susan Vitale.

Building blocks
for the future.

It’s a simple equation.

You’re a farmer checking on markets, the weather and how to optimize crop yields.  A student trying to study.  A small business owner reaching out to customers.  A family trying to connect.

And the one thing they all have in common?  Access to high-speed internet.

And until Susan Vitale put her talents to work and spearheaded the creation of the Southside Network Authority, it looked like too many folks in Chesapeake would be on perpetual hold.

Instead, our councilwoman found a way to bring our neighbors together to invest $25 million to build a Southside-serving internet ring that will create new opportunities for Chesapeake,

When she saw the need, Susan Vitale said Chesapeake needed to do better to leverage community assets and create master plans to better guide growth.  The Great Bridge Village plan is the result, and Susan’s efforts to give an old idea new life are working.

At the same time, Susan Vitale is working to turn South Norfolk into a medical oasis with its own pharmacy and urgent care facility.  Of course, that may seem small to some folks. . . but not to the folks who live there.

And why?  

Because leading is all about turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

November 8, help keep Chesapeake on the right path and re-elect Susan Vitale.